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Where can we find you?

Fifth Wheelers Australia are located on the eastern, or Melbourne side of Ballarat. As you approach Ballarat from either Melbourne or Adelaide, keep an eye out for the 80km zone to the east of Ballarat. To view our location map click here.
(Please note, the 5th Wheelers Australia site can not be seen from the Highway.)

What is included in your quoted prices?

We don’t like to give our customers any unnecessary surprises, so we tend to lean on the side of generosity.

What is required in the conversion to Australian Standards?

Electrical conversion to 240V; Trailer lighting to Australian Standard; Gas conversion to obtain certification; Installation of left side door. (But fear not; we take care of all this as soon as the unit arrives in Australia.)

What is your (Fifth Wheelers Australia) price range?

Our new and second hand Fifth Wheelers range from about 21ft – 38ft. and are priced approximately from $75,000 - $160,000 on the road.

Are the appliances able to be serviced in Australia?

Yes they can. But we can also order and fit any extra appliances or accessories to meet your specific needs.

What sort of tow vehicle is required?

Generally, if you have an F Series or Chev, you could pull up to a 36ft unit. Landcruiser will allow you to pull up to a 30ft unit and a Navara, Ranger & Rodeo will be well suited up to a lightweight 26ft unit.

What is your delivery time?

Approximately 20 to 24 weeks from placing an order.

What are the main benefits of the Fifth Wheeler?

With 25% of it’s weight at the pin, the Fifth Wheeler is safer to tow. You also get the luxury and space of a motorhome and the flexibility of a caravan all in one. More than that, it towes and is manouvered far better than a caravan.

How wide is the Fifth Wheeler?

American Fifth Wheelers are 8ft wide and each slide adds between 2-4 feet.

Will American made Fifth Wheelers handle the Australian conditions?

American Fifth Wheelers are made just as well as Australian vans but with far more extras. So if you treat them just as you would an Australian caravan or fifth wheeler, they will last just as long. You gain piece of mind with the upgrading we do here at Fifth Wheelers Australia

Will my 5th Wheeler fit on a conventional caravan site?

Yes. The footprint of the average 5th Wheeler is the same as a conventional caravan. Remember, a 5th Wheeler doesn't have a draw bar sticking out the front.

Am I limited to staying in Caravan parks?

No. All Fifth Wheeler units come standard with both 240 volt and 12 volt power systems. With well charged batteries, and even the addition of a generator and/or solar panels, the Fifth Wheeler is perfectly designed for self sufficient travel and living.

What type of brakes does a Fifth Wheeler have?

All Fifth Wheeler units come fitted with either electric brakes or air brakes as required.

What warranties do Fifth Wheelers Australia offer?

All American warranties that come with a new fifth wheeler will be honoured. Fifth Wheelers Australia also give a 12 month warranty on all alterations required to comply with Australian Design Rules.

What hours are you open?

Monday through Friday 8.00am – 4.30pm.
Weekends by appointment.